November 13, 2007

Delineate This

So I was sitting at my computer this evening drinking a cold Sierra Nevada and reading the Heavy Hitters Message Board when I came across a peculiar post. The topic was a heated one, wrought with passion and unbridled prejudice. Entitled "Dirty public school books and the Gay agenda," Mr. Waters seemed determined to convince his readers that liberals and gays were the reason our society has become what it is - whatever that is...gawdless or something.

But what caught my inquiring eye was his last post on the subject, and in particular, this first sentence:

Some of you self-proclaimed mavens of intellect, consistently use the same, weak, ad homonym tactic to convey some kind of all-knowing superiority over those of us that do not fall within their political or ideological view, especially when it comes to religion.

I thought to myself, gee, that's quite a sentence there Jer. It had a cadence to it. A nuance of an experienced writer who was resolute with his ideas. It was nothing like I had ever seen from the Decider. And to be quite honest, I had to know what a "maven of intellect" was. Well, with a quick click of this here mouse, I highlighted that whole aformentioned sentence by accident and hit search on Google before I could even say "maven of intellect." And it churned out ONE hit:

Naturally, I clicked on the link and it brought me to some archive of comments about an anti-Japanese propoganda film. Ok, whatever. Made no sense until I scrolled down a bit to the 11th comment made by a "Delineate" who said this:

Every post I read in this thread, posted by self-proclaimed mavens of intellect, consistently use the same, weak, ad homonym tactic by using words i.e., red state, redneck, hillbilly, neo-con, etc., to convey some kind of all-knowing superiority over those of us that do not fall within their political or ideological view.

Take out/add a few tiny words and you basically have the exact same sentences! How can this be? Perhaps it's mere coincidence that two people can actually talk that way....but I doubt it. Omg, is Jerry Waters this "Delineate" guy and figured hey, what a great quote, might as well use that baby again? Or did he simply Ctrl-C that sucker and try to pass it off as his own? Either way - LAME! hahahaha!


MountainLaurel said...


I love it! Thanks for sharing.

arrozconpollo said...

Oh, how very sad.
95% probability that this is a lifted quote...probabily higher probability given the name Delineate is too nerdy for Jerrie....why is it that wingnuts (e.g. Coulter) plagiarize? And why for something as silly and stupid as a forum post?
In the event that this was a reused quote (5% probability), its only slightly less sad....and extremely lazy.

PS. Crystal, what is with your unnatural fixation with Jerrie? Do you really "want him" as he has been known to respond to women who destroy his fragile ego? :)

MountainLaurel said...

In response to arrozconpollo: "why is it that wingnuts (e.g. Coulter) plagiarize?"

It takes less brainpower than original expression or original thought!

Wv Sky said...

See... that's what I'm wondering. I'm really flattered, but I've already been 3 females "daddy" and now anyone for for her daddy will have to look elsewhere. ;)

crystal dawn said...

Arroz, you're such a bitch for giving fodder to Jer's ego. Now he's running with it while ignoring his shameless lift. lol

arrozconpollo said...

sorry CD...although I correctly predicted that he'd use chauvenistic language to ignore your post...but, its also confirmation that the 95% probability has become 100%....the dork is a plagiarist! hahahahahahaha!!!

PS...what's scarier...that the 3 females that referred to Jerrie as their "daddy" were his wives....or that he actually reproduced 3 offspring.

Rebecca Burch said...


Soooooo busted!

jedijawa said...

Yep ... busted. ;-)

Anonymous said...

what a fraud. this guy has been a self-worshipping, egotistical joke for years. his poorman's rush limbaugh antics only serve to perpetuate his stupidity

crystal dawn said...

It gets better. Now he's trying to convince everyone he has the #1 website in the world. I suppose he's giving YouTube and Yahoo! a run for their money. lol

MountainLaurel said...

What reality is he living in? Must be an interesting place to visit, but I'm glad I don't live there.

I also remember the early days of the Internet. And I understand Page Rank, which puts me one above him.

crystal dawn said...

Haha.. classic mountainlaurel!

Anonymous said...

Good one Crystal, Heheheheheh
I thought he had been doing some of that. When ones writing is gramatically superior to ones speech, it becomes a little suspicious.

MountainLaurel said...

I'm just glad he put in the misspelling so that it would look authentic.