February 15, 2008

Don Surber doesn't know who the current Chief of Staff to the White House is!!

Don Surber posted the following at his blahg concerning dumbass Republicans walking out after Dems refused to debate the extension of spying on Americans FISA.

The walkout

“If Al-Qaeda is talking, we should be able to listen.” — Republican Congressman Eric Cantor.

So let’s see, we have the FISA expiring and instead of voting on whether to re-up, the Democratic leadership in the House decides to issue bogus contempt citations against 2 officials who are no longer a part of the Bush administration: Josh Bolten and Harriet Miers.

Because I'm at work playing on the internets, I decided to comment on his blahg that Josh Bolten is the current Chief of Staff to the WH - still! Surber responds to me that it's AP's fault for the error.... and it isn't his job to check those pesky facts before he makes excuses for Bush.

Reply: That’s what AP said: “The House just voted to hold Josh Bolten, President Bush’s former chief of staff, and Harriet Miers, the former White House counsel, in contempt of Congress.”

Then edits his original post after AP corrected theyselves.

UPDATE: AP corrected itself; Bolten is still White House chief of staff. I’m thinking the writer confused him with John Bolton who left his UN post.

You were obviously confused too, genius!

The Surbmeister's entire argument for the Bushies is centered on the idea that "bogus" contempt charges are forged against "two officials who are no longer part of the Bush administration." If you are a political editorialist, who is published in the Daily Mail and all over the country, and you can't name the top tier cabinet members to the WH...off the top of your head....then you don't deserve to be taken seriously - ever.


JDB said...

Never mind that Duhbya's director of intelligence has said - repeatedly - that the hold up on the current FISA bill is all about telecom immunity. It's got nothing to do with "keeping us safe." If it was, Duhbya wouldn't threaten to veto the bill without protecting his corporate buddies.

crystal dawn said...

Also, Duhbya and the phone companies were spying on us before 9/11 - which means they either really don't care about terrorism or this sort of spying didn't do anything to protect us from 9/11. Besides, I think the terrorists have picked up on the clue not to use *cough* phones.

Anonymous said...

Don Surber only makes sense if you refuse to pay attention. His devout readership is composed primarily of the willfully ignorant.