May 12, 2008

Wheee... WV makes national news again, and you guessed it, from Man, WV!!

The AP went to Man fucking West Virginia of all places to talk about tomorrow's election. I'm glad they used these nice folk to show off our nice racial divide. Btw, I'm NOT Crystal Gibson. Thank you.


arrozconpollo said...

Of course we know you are not Crystal Gibson as she picked Obama. You prefer to throw down with the lot that prefers Clinton because they are skeered of "the other" race. har har :)

just kidding crystal. love your blog. wish you would write more

CrystalDawnsMom said...

Hillary shouldn't celebrate her victory or count on her hillbilly friends. Them ignorant rednecks will vote for McCain anyway cuz they is also skeered of a Wuman.

crystal dawn said...

You are correct. Just like Obama better not count on all of those southern red states he won.