March 20, 2009

Sarah Palin Wants the Economy to Fail

Sarah Palin has announced that she is rejecting almost 30% of stimulus money to her town, err I mean state, of Alaska. The bulk of her rejection money goes to education. Considering she speaks as though she has a fourth grade education, no surprise there.

Other Republican governors also rejecting "portions" of stimulus money:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry last week announced that he turned down $555 million of federal stimulus funding that would expand the state's unemployment benefits. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has said he would not accept nearly $100 million to expand unemployment benefits. And South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has said he only wants to use the federal money to pay down debt.

Unemployment benefits give a much greater bank for the buck than tax cuts do.
But don't be fooled by these asshole governors. Palin et al KNOW that unemployment benefits help more than twice as much as tax cuts do, but are counting on the economy to FAIL so they have justification to run in the next Presidential election cycle. How un-American. How treasonous!

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arrozconpollo said...

Wow, what an original thought! Where ever did you come up with this!?!?!

Just pushing ur buttons. Good points CD. Bobby Jindal trying to act all fiscally conservative by refusing 0.1 billion (but taking in 3.7 billion) is laughable. Not surprising Gov. Dipshit is falling in line with Gov. Bobby Brady, Gov. Looneybins, and Gov. Hair Helmet.